Thursday, 19 January 2017

My New & Improved Skin Care Routine

Since joining Gritty Pretty as Digital Sales and Parterships manager, I’ve really overhauled my skin care routine. I thought I knew a lot about skin care before, but I have learnt so much more!

One of the benefits of working here is the amazing access I have to all sorts of makeup, skin care, and hair care products. I’ve tested quite a few and have now discovered my favourite ones, which I’ve incorporated into my daily and nightly routine.

Since changing things up with my skin care, I’ve been receiving a lot of comments on how different my skins looks – smoother, with much more of a glow, which I’m excited to hear! I thought I’d share my new tips and tricks with you all.

1. Cleanse: My skin is usually quite clear but after a stressful few months of changing jobs and moving house I started to break out just prior to Christmas. I visited a Medispa in Bondi to have my skin assessed and to have an Omnilux LED treatment. While there I was introduced to Hydropeptide Purifying Cleanser. It’s foamy and you can really feel the active ingredients of aloe and tea tree working on your skin. It helps to decongest the skin without over-drying. I know use it morning and night when cleansing in the shower.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

I Make D-List Reality Celebs Look Normal

My friends have been telling me for a while now that I need to write my stories down, mainly because they are so ridiculous. I often find people don’t believe they’re true, unless they really know me; and then their response is a ‘heads-in-the-hands, “I cannot stop cringeing”-type reaction.

See, I like a good drink – probably one of my main shortcomings or strengths, depending on your view of alcohol. I’m also very academically intelligent with very little common sense (or ‘street sense’ as some call it). On top of all this, I’m unusually clumsy, particularly for someone who spent 13 years dancing. All of this comes together to produce a very extroverted-introvert.

When it comes to the crazy stories of late, I don’t really know where to start. There are so many. Maybe I’ll commence with my most cringe-worthy tale of the last two weeks…

Sunday, 4 September 2016

NEW YORK, NEW YORK Day 3, 14th August 2016

First night here (and after 30 hours awake) I checked into my AirBNB and decided to walk up the road after showering off the plane filth. I stumbled across this bar called the Wayland on Avenue C in Alphabet City, East Village. It had a real old school, eclectic bar with a pub vibe. I sat down and had some drinks and a chat to the bartenders. They gave me some tips on some cool places. Then this guy Andre walked in who is friends with one of the bar staff. As soon as he heard I was Australian, he wanted to introduce me to his friends. We ended up chatting and hanging out. He lives in Chinatown. He then called up some of his friends who he thought would be interested in meeting me. His friend Meghana rocked up to meet me. Such an awesome chick. She was lovely! 
I also made friends with the security guard Kenny Hughes. What a cutie - haha!

Kenny, me and Andre - night 1! - Wayland Alphabet City
Was so hungover and jet lagged the next day I met Janan for lunch at 3pm at Harry Capriani's on 5th Avenue. A certain billionaire pays for her to eat there, so we had these amazing Italian men serving us bellinis and delicious food and we paid nothing. I also met her lovely driver, who takes her around the city wherever she wants when she comes to visit.

NEW YORK NEW YORK - Day 1, 12th August 2016

I'm the girl that's never travelled before - not properly anyway. I spent 5 days in New Zealand with a friend and 8 nights in Fiji with my ex. I never even had a passport until 2014. So a few months ago I decided to book a ticket to New York. I'd had a shitty day at work, a bottle of wine, and found a $1200 AUD return ticket on Flight Centre. Everyone I've ever met that's travelled there had said "Oh, Lolly, you'll love it!" I decided to follow their prompts and book a trip to the city that never sleeps all on my own. No friends, no contacts, no knowledge of the place.... a real adventure. While I was over there, I kept a travel diary. What's the point of all my adventures if I just keep them to myself, so I thought I'd share!

I've come back completely different - a new person, new views and I think I might even be moving to NY in the next few months. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

This way of living changes today

Let me tell you a story about who I am right now. I’m scared, I’m self-conscious, I’m stressed all the time about the most insignificant things, but I’m also worried about very real, very significant things.

This depression comes and goes, but over the last few weeks it’s been very present. In fact. It’s been ever present.  I don’t really understand why some people are able to live their life without this ghost, this dark shadow following them around, peeking from behind every corner. Maybe they don’t feel deeply enough or maybe they’re just lucky.

Compared to many others with this condition, I’m what you would call a ‘success story’ – yes, people who know what I’ve been like in the past actually refer to me as that. I smile, I have friends, I have a great family, I’m smart, I care about how I look, I’ve completed three degrees and I have a full time job at one of the biggest publishing companies in the world, but for some reason I still just feel like I’m treading water.